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Food Origins

Ever wondered where that food recipe originated.

We often here oh that was grans favourite or I?m not sure I think you great – used to make it
Well in our Food Origins page we explore the origin or food recipes from all over the world.

From dishes eaten on the other side of the planet by our great, great, great, – grandfathers to new recipes that originated a little closer to home and not too long ago

Everyone has a favourite dish and hopefully over the years Food-Tales will document where it came from and by who, and on some occasions perhaps even why.

If you have an interesting food origin recipe you would like to show off to the masses, then why not upload it here.

If we like it (and it?s factually correct of course) we will do our best to publish it
For other food inspirational content outside out origins section click here

From all of us at Food-Tales, thanks