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Food Recipes From Around The World 9 results

Food Recipes From Around The World

This is our more thought provoking page.
When we think of a food recipe blog site we know it will be jammed full of recipes, hints and tips, videos and all the usual things we come to know and expect.

Food-Tales is more than this. It’s a site that delights in all things food and wants to bring that experience and way of life to you.
Saying that we also want to share the other side to the world food based topics.

From how to grow your own food in gardens, sheds and window seals, to helping keep food fresher and sharing with others, this section is a real eye opener and hopefully one of value to you

We see how the more impoverished parts of the world cope and even give suggestions on how you could help
If you have an article that you think would fit our food for thought section, please do upload it.

If it fits our selection process we’ll share it and you can help us help inspire others
From all of us at Food-Tales, Thanks

5 Vege’heaven Vegetarian Recipes From Around The World

Many people choose to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle due to personal concerns, ethical opinions or health reasons. A life without meat is really easy these days and with so much food choice available and access to online recipes, being a vegetarian has never been so simple. A vegetarian diet need not ...

5 Varied Vegan Recipes from Around The World

One of the big challenges of being a vegan is finding a well-balanced diet. Avoiding all animal-derived foods including dairy can be considered very restrictive but with great health benefits. ...

5 Sensational Soup Recipes From Around The World

The best thing about colder weather has got to be making a warm, hearty soup. Comforting, soul food that has a long history soup is the easy answer when you have ingredients left over and want to create something for dinner. ...

5 Perfect Pork Recipes From Around The World

Pork is a powerhouse of vitamins, nutrients and protein and in fact, Koreans believe that pork belly is a health food! They say that it has qualities which can clear skin, maintain a healthy liver and clean the system of bad cholesterol. ...

5 Mouth Watering Hamburger Recipes From Around The World

There are so many ways to enjoy a burger and that is why we love them so much. Whatever your taste, there is a combo for you! Burgers are the perfect go-to choice for busy week nights, great for casual social gatherings and the ultimate feel good food....

5 Fabulous Fish Recipes From Around The World

There's no doubt about it, fish is fantastic for a healthy diet. It's packed full of protein and oily fish provide the essential omega-3 fatty acids that we need to keep us strong....

5 Divine Diabetic Recipes From Around The World

Having diabetes doesn't have to mean a life sentence of dull, tasteless food. Thanks to the internet people all over the world can share their favorite diabetic recipes which opens up...

5 Of The Most Loved Chicken Recipes From Around The World

There is no doubt that the world loves chicken! This versatile bird provides us with so many different meal options and is joyously consumed by almost every culture on the planet. ...

5 Of The Tastiest Beef Recipes From Around The World

Beef is a special meat which is often reserved for grand, expensive dishes like steak to be consumed on special occasions. ...