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5 Mouth Watering Hamburger Recipes From Around The World

There are so many ways to enjoy a burger and that is why we love them so much. Whatever your taste, there is a combo for you! Burgers are the perfect go-to choice for busy week nights, great for casual social gatherings and the ultimate feel good food. A feel-good food that all walks of life and any age can enjoy. Burgers are consumed when we go out with friends, can form part of a relaxed first date, be an ideal family meal and perfect for childrens parties.

The combination of fresh crisp salad, juicy meat and warm toasted buns keeps us coming back for more. Quick and easy to make, it’s great fun to dress them up with any ingredients you like. Burgers are so versatile that you can adapt them with flavors from virtually any continent so here are some of the most delicious hamburger recipes from around the world:


#1 Classic All-American

There is some debate surrounding the origins of the hamburger but there can be no denying that burgers have become synonymous with American culture. The global success of fast food chains like McDonalds and Burger King have their roots firmly placed in 20th century America. What better celebration of the humble burger than to try out a recipe with authentic USA taste? Whilst there will be variations in flavors from state to state, this recipe is aimed at capturing the ultimate beef taste regardless of toppings. If you don’t fancy chowing down on the fast food variety tonight then here is a quick and easy way to make your own juicy homemade burgers with this recipe


#2 German Burger

Hamburg sausage is mentioned in a cook book as early as 1758 and some form of bread roll and beef steak was eaten by emigrants on their way to the United States. The city of Hamburg in Germany has clearly influenced these meat patties and some say the burger was invented by German Otto Kuase. Why not celebrate this heritage and whip up a big juicy German style burger? For a step by step easy recipe, go to


#3 Greek Burger

For an exciting burger that stands out from the rest, go Greek with delicious spices and tzatziki sauce. If you have Greek heritage or Greek friends then fire up the barbecue and indulge in a Mediterranean feast using feta, sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts. A mouth-watering twist on the classic hamburger, this recipe is bursting with flavour and fresh ingredients. Find out more at

#4 Mexican Spicy Burger

Put a spicy spin on your burgers with this fiery recipe. Mexican food is all about the flavor, with garlic, onion, chilli, oregano, cumin and cilantro all taking center stage. While burgers are not a traditional part of Mexican cuisine, there is no reason why you can’t put a spicy twist on an old classic ? that’s the wonderful versatility of hamburgers! So, if you’re a little bored serving up the same old tastes then grab some chilli and make life a bit more interesting for your taste buds and family! For a seriously hot burger recipe, visit



#5 Australian Outback Burger

Aussies love their barbecues so this recipe is a tribute to our friends down under. Popular burgers in Australia come with the ‘works’ and by that, we mean there’s a whole lot going on! Beef is essential although some of the additional ingredients are subject to interpretation. What starts as a regular hamburger just gets built upon with things like runny fried egg, beetroot and bacon. It’s basically a whole meal between two halves of a bread roll! If you’re very hungry and brave then give it a go at




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