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5 Of The Tastiest Beef Recipes From Around The World

Beef is a special meat which is often reserved for grand, expensive dishes like steak to be consumed on special occasions.

It’s an incredibly versatile meat and comes in various forms from burgers to pricey cuts. Beef can have an excellent quality and be cooked in many different ways. Knowing which part of the cow is which has a big effect on how you cook and serve it as specific cuts require differing cooking methods.

Tastiest Beef Recipes

Whether you’re preparing a dish with forequarter or hindquarter cuts or even the offal – every part of the animal can be used and different cultures across the world will consider certain parts as delicacies. It’s also good for you, if you choose organic, grass-fed meat. Beef is packed full of protein and essential amino acids that help to build muscle and bone. It is also a fantastic source of B vitamins, iron and zinc. All the things you need for healthy blood, a strong immune system and energy. Here are 5 incredibly tasty beef dishes from different continents:

Beef Stew

This hearty winter warmer is a classic both in the United States and across Europe. Various versions of beef stew can be found across many cultures as it’s the perfect mix of protein packed goodness and delicious veggies. If the beef is tender and the ingredients are fresh, tasty and sitting in a rich sauce then there is no better comfort food. Whether with or without dumplings, the recipe doesn’t have to be tricky and beef stew will sustain you and your loved ones for more than one meal time if you refrigerate it. It’s a great option for a family get together and will see you through many long fall and winter nights! For a delicious beef stew recipe go to

Beef Recipe

Beef Enchiladas

For a fun, flavour-filled feast, why not go Mexican and cook up some enchiladas? An explosion of flavour and as hot as you can take it, enchiladas are the ideal choice for a party or a casual family meal. The aromas released as this dish simmers away will be enough to get your taste buds doing the tango! Add some sexy salsa and a cool guacamole dip for the complete Mexican showdown. Your amigos will thank you for serving up these enticing enchiladas and you’ll be hearing the mariachi bands playing in celebration! For the best beef enchilada recipe, visit

Delicious Beef Recipe

Beef Wellington

Looks impressive, sounds impressive but don’t be put off as it’s simple to prepare. Beef Wellington makes an ideal alternative to a traditional roast and will also go down well when served for a romantic meal for two or a regular family sit down. This dish is popular in England but has its roots in French cuisine with the ‘filet de boeuf en croute’. Many think it has links to the Duke of Wellington but it seems that the name may have been invented for a civic dinner in Wellington, New Zealand. Whatever its origin, it is the perfect addition to any dinner table. For a Beef Wellington recipe fit for a Duke, visit

Beef Bread Recipe

Diced Beef Stir Fry

An enticing and easy to make Asian influenced dish that it perfect to throw together for busy weekday nights. Asian food has become hugely popular all over the world and with good reason. It is light so you can eat as much as you like without feeling uncomfortable. There is also incredible variety, from sushi and spring rolls to curry and noodles. The sheer number of different noodles alone is enough to get excited about. You can go spicy and hot or not ? it’s up to you! Add in some interesting veggies that you might not normally eat and you can really tantalise your palate. For a super-quick and tasty beef stir fry recipe, go to

Diced Beef Stir Fry Recipe

Madras Beef Curry

Over the last 200 years, the passion for curry has continued to grow. As a result of immigration, this spicy dish began to be enjoyed by more cultures who fell in love with the tingling spice and delightful aromas with the curry delighting palates that were used to a relatively bland diet. To demonstrate how successful the humble curry has been in the West, London now has more curry restaurants than Mumbai and Delhi put together! If you fancy some fire in your food then try out this recipe for the perfect Madras Beef Curry at

Madras Beef Curry Recipe

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