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5 Sensational Soup Recipes From Around The World

The best thing about colder weather has got to be making a warm, hearty soup. Comforting, soul food that has a long history soup is the easy answer when you have ingredients left over and want to create something for dinner. Even the word restaurant is derived from soup. Way back in the 16th century, a French businessman opened a store that sold bowls of broth for restorative restaurant purposes. It was so successful that the French word restaurant became forever synonymous with places to buy food. Almost all cultures on the planet have soup and here are some of the best:

#1 Minestrone

We begin our soup journey in Italy with the classic minestrone soup. A thick soup with vegetables, pasta or even rice thrown in  there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to a recipe. Whatever veggies are in season can be used and it can be both vegetarian or contain meat. A genuine minestrone should, however, contain borlotti beans. This soup is ancient in origin and is thought to pre-date the Roman conquest of Italy. The soups ingredients have changed over time with tomatoes and potatoes appearing from the New World but its roots as rustic food for the poor have not been forgotten. Great as a starter or a main, get the full recipe at


#2 Gazpacho

Our next stop is Spain where we leave behind the winter warming minestrone and experience a soup that is to be eaten cold. Originally from the southern region of Andalusia, this soup offers a cool refreshing dish during hot Mediterranean summers. It is a recipe said to date back to Roman times so has certainly stood the test of time. It can be made in different ways using different vegetables which changes the color of the soup. It mostly consists of tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, garlic, onion, olive oil, vinegar, water and stale bread. If youre looking for something unique and zesty during the hotter months then this soup is a real winner. For the recipe, see


#3 French Onion Soup

Staying in Europe, we head now to France for their signature soup, French onion. Again, another soup that has been popular since Roman times and as onions are so easy to grow, they formed a large part of a peasants diet. The modern-day onion soup was created in Paris during the 1700s and began to be served as a starter course. The soup enjoyed a new lease of life when French cuisine began popular during the mid-20th century. If you love onion, cheese and croutons then French onion soup is the perfect addition to your meal times. Its simple, healthy and packed full of flavour. For recipe details, visit


#4 Miso Soup

This is a traditional Japanese soup with stock called dashi and miso paste. The recipe can be altered and adjusted to suit regional availability of vegetables or to reflect the season. Its a beautifully warming flavour and is also very good for you as its full of anti-oxidants, protein and fiber. The soup is made with soybeans which have been fermented using an ancient practice. The length of fermentation ultimately affects the flavor, which at its best is very distinctive. You can add garlic and any veggies you like if you like to experiment with your cooking. This Asian dish will be a welcome addition to your meal times. Find the full recipe at


#5 Clam Chowder

Staying closer to home for this soup recipe, a clam chowder contains clams, broth, onions, celery and optional diced potato. You can also throw in delicious ingredients such as bacon, paprika and tomatoes. Its a real comfort food and every Eastern state has its own take on the fishy recipe. It comes in varieties that are creamy and thick or clear and bold, made with tomatoes or clam juice. The flavor of a clam chowder must be good as its even mentioned in the book Moby Dick! For an authentic clam chowder like youll find on the East Coast, go to


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