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5 Vege’heaven Vegetarian Recipes From Around The World

Many people choose to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle due to personal concerns, ethical opinions or health reasons. A life without meat is really easy these days and with so much food choice available and access to online recipes, being a vegetarian has never been so simple. A vegetarian diet need not be boring and can be as exciting as you choose it to be. Some great ingredients and a handful of awesome recipes and you won’t even miss meat. Here are some varied and delicious veggie recipes from around the globe that deserve a spot on your table:


#1 Menemen

This is a traditional Turkish dish containing tomato, egg, green peppers, various spices and optional chillies. The eggs are softly scrambled with veggies and seasoning added in to create a mouth-watering meal fit for a special breakfast, lunch or dinner. Turkey has rich cuisine and this vegetarian meal is no exception but it will have you hooked once you cook it for the first time. It’s quick and simple to prepare and of course, very nutritious as a bonus. So, why not bring some Turkish delight to your kitchen this summer For recipe details, go to


#2 Veggie Empanadas

Off to Argentina now for the incredibly popular empanada. These little parcels of pastry can be filled with whatever your heart desires, they are so versatile. Whilst you can buy pre-made wraps, the more daring out there might wish to attempt to make their own dough. These portable parcels make an ideal lunch or perfect picnic food. This stuffed pastry snack can either be baked or fried and are widely eaten in Latin America and Spain. Make a batch and they can be frozen for up to 3 months, giving you the option of grabbing a quick meal on a busy weekday nite. For the best empanadas this side of Argentina, go to


#3 Thai Green Curry

Thai food is big business and with good reason. The aromatic blend of flavors draws us in and takes our taste buds on a wonderful Asian adventure. This recipe is a nutritional powerhouse and the good news is that it’s also super easy, requiring no specialist cooking skill. If you love coconut then you’ll enjoy this curry with its thick, creamy taste and texture. Your friends and family will tuck in without even caring it’s a vegetarian dish because it tastes that good. Thai Green Curry is one of the most iconic dishes of Thai cuisine and making it without meat is easy and makes it even more lower in fat and guilt-free! For recipe details, go to


#4 Corn and Zucchini Pie

Sweet corn and zucchini pie is an American vegetarian dream. A summer classic, this recipe will have you returning for just one more slice, then another! A whole pie will serve 8 people (or less depending on how many slices you have). There is such a wonderful combination of flavors with this dish ‘ the onion, cheese, mushrooms and fresh zucchini! Some would argue that it’s the best and tastiest vegetarian dish in the world. A perfect meal for anyone, veggie or not and it’s so simple to prepare. For the recipe details, go to



Spaghetti with Tomato Garlic Sauce

An Italian classic that offers speed and ease when it comes to busy family life. There aren’t many people who don’t love Italian cuisine so this is bound to be a winner. Fresh, juicy tomatoes, basil and garlic combine to create a delicious lunch or light supper. You can substitute the spaghetti for pasta if you prefer and also throw in any choice of vegetables you fancy. Italian food is comforting, hearty, relaxed and easily adjustable to maintain a meat-free diet. For the tastiest spaghetti in town, go to

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