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Diabetic Recipes

Having diabetes can mean that choosing the right food becomes a battle and finding suitable recipes feels like a minefield. Sticking to what you know and trust can sometimes mean that your diet becomes dull and restrictive. Well, help is at hand here at Food-Tales as you can access a wealth of new ideas and tested recipes just for diabetics.

Awaken your taste buds again with recipes from around the world, bursting with flavor and discover helpful instructions and hints. New diabetic recipes are added daily so there’s no need to feel trapped with your diet ever again.

Find recipes that include all the nutrients you need and are low in calories, sugar and fat. There’s no need to compromise on taste either as you’ll find great diabetic dishes packed with vegetables, fruit and whole grains.

This site is also all about give and take, so if you have some great diabetic recipes you want to share then send it in to be reviewed.
Everybody wants to enjoy food and diabetic food need never be boring just because you need to be mindful of what you consume.

The wonderful thing about diabetic recipes is that they are great for everyone and can easily be incorporated into family cooking without feeling like you need to cook separately for yourself.

Homemade Pizza

You might think pizza is off-limits but it doesn't have to be with this fantastic diabetic-friendly recipe. Now you can enjoy your pizza guilt-free with this simple to make pizza and it's totally versatile, meaning you can change the toppings to whatever you fancy....

Cuban-Style Swordfish

Introduce a little Cuban cuisine into your kitchen with a unique take on serving up swordfish. ...

Fish Fillets and Cucumber-Orange Salsa

Bring the wonderfully refreshing taste of the Caribbean to your table with this healthy recipe, ideal for diabetics. ...

French Beef Stew

For a tasty, hearty, diabetic-friendly French take on the beef stew, follow this recipe for a winter warmer your family will fall in love with. ...

Pineapple Chicken Stir Fry

Suitable for diabetics, this delicious Asian-inspired dish will keep you coming back for more and why not, when it's so light and tasty,...