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Vegan Recipes

Being vegan can make recipe decisions hard, cutting out meat as well as dairy. Thankfully the world of veganism is getting bigger and better with many more recipe ideas being shared and a lot more vegan friendly places to eat and shop.

If you’re searching for vegan recipes that contain everything you need for a healthy balanced diet, with carbs, fruit, veggies and protein, then Food-Tales is your answer. Finding great tasting recipes doesn’t have to be such a struggle anymore for those with special diets.

Cutting out animal products doesn’t mean food can’t be exciting and you’ll find interesting flavors and new takes on basic vegan recipes with ideas including Italian, Indian and Middle Eastern influences.

If you’re a seasoned vegan then why not lend a hand to someone new to the lifestyle? Send in your top tasty vegan recipes for review and share your knowledge with the world.

So, from dipping your zucchini and pickling your radishes to making vegan chocolate tart and cauliflower pizza – your diet can be a riot of color and tantalised taste buds. Salads, curries, jams, chilli and cinnamon buns are all possible with not an animal product or by-product in sight!

Vegan Borscht

An Eastern European dish that will warm your winter nights, try this vegan take on a traditional soup. ...

Jamaican Jerk Tofu

This recipe will convert anyone to the joys of tofu. The Jamaican spices make this an exciting and simple dish to throw together on any night of the week. ...

Vegan Nachos

Yes, you can even do Mexican on a vegan diet! There is something heavenly about the combination of salty tortilla chips and the chunky, fresh zingy taste of salsa. ...

Vegan Fried Rice

For an easy Asian inspired recipe, you can't go wrong with this vegan fried rice. Super tasty ingredients and quick preparation make it an ideal solution for week nights when you want flavor but not hassle. ...

Tofu Cauliflower Korma

As this recipe shows, vegan food does not have to compromise on taste. This classic Indian curry contains fresh ingredients and a wonderful blend of spices with great health benefits. ...