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5 Of The Most Loved Chicken Recipes From Around The World

There is no doubt that the world loves chicken! This versatile bird provides us with so many different meal options and is joyously consumed by almost every culture on the planet.

Chicken is a staple part of a family diet and is often served several times a week in various forms. Whether you’re serving up fast food nuggets or delicious fried chicken wings, a winter warming casserole or a perfectly roasted bird for a special occasion – a chicken dinner is a definite winner!

Most favorite chicken recipes

There are countless ways to cook it and almost every part of the chicken can be used which is why it has become such a popular meat choice. Chickens are easy to keep and for poorer communities, using every part of an animal makes good sense. It’s easy to digest, tastes fantastic and can be prepared, cooked and eaten in a short space of time. It’s no wonder then that our feathered friend has become such an important part of our daily diet.

Here, we look at 5 of the most popular and tasty chicken favorites from different parts of the world:


#1 Chicken Chasseur

This French classic translates as ‘Hunter’s chicken’. It is essentially a hearty stew which would have warmed the hunter after his return from catching game and picking some wild mushrooms while he was at it. It is a robust dish that has stood the test of time and offers a delicious yet sturdy option for the colder months when returning from a hard day and you want something hot, tasty and filling. To see a mouth-watering recipe for the perfect chicken chasseur, go to

Chicken Chasseur Recipe

#2 Thai Chicken Curry

Thai food has become increasingly popular over recent decades and it’s not hard to see why. Thai cuisine offers a simple but delicious mix of influences from both East and West that just works in perfect harmony. With Thai food, you can enjoy sour and sweet, salty and spicy, all mixed in or on its own. Of course, the ingredients and methods vary depending on the region of Thailand, and has many influences from other cultures such as Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese. Did you know that Thai curry used to be made a lot spicier then it is now and that chillies were first introduced in the 17th century by the Portuguese who enjoyed a little fire in their food’ For a delicious Thai Green Chicken Curry, go to

Thai Chicken Curry

#3 Chicken & Biscuits

This homely, all-American dish has got to be comfort food at its best. It originated in the South and consists of creamy chicken and tasty, doughy biscuits to scoop up the sauce! It’s wholesome, filling, old-fashioned cooking that maybe your grandmother made for family mealtimes. There is no better comforting, country dish for making you feel like you’re having a big hug. For an awesome chicken and biscuits recipe, go to

Chicken & Biscuits Recipes

#4 Jerk Chicken

Fancy firing up your food a little? Then this style of cooking from Jamaica will be right up your street. The chicken gets rubbed with hot spicy jerk spice or wet marinated in the spices before cooking. The fiery sauce contains cinnamon, chillies, garlic, nutmeg and thyme – to name just a few. Nobody seems quite sure where the name ‘jerk’ originates but it seems to have something to do with cutting the meat into strips and poking it while turning to allow the spices to soak in. To rustle up your own hot jerk chicken, try the recipe on

Jerk Chicken Recipe

#5 Sunday Roast Chicken

A true British institution – the Sunday Roast is a tradition for many UK families. It can, of course, be eaten on any day of the week but the tradition has always been for a special dinner with family together on the sabbath day. It is a time to connect, a ritual of sitting down together with the added bonus of enjoying some perfectly roasted, succulent chicken! They say that a family who eats together, stays together and that is why the Sunday roast may not even be so much about the food, as the family time it encourages. Get your loved ones round the table for a feast fit for a king with this regal roast recipe at

Sunday Roast Chicken Recipe

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