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Hamburger Recipes

The mighty hamburger, representative of all things Western and convenient. Hear the words ‘fast food’ and you see a hamburger. This simple dish is adored all over the world for its sheer ease and tastiness. Grab with two hands and sink your teeth into one today.

It might be simple but there is no end of delicious combinations. Find countless recipes here at Food-Tales and be the envy of your neighbourhood this summer as those amazing aromas waft on the warm breeze from your kitchen!

Get great hints and tips about the best meat, best buns and most incredible filling combos for the juiciest burger ever. Nothing says comfort food like a tasty burger, enjoyed round the table or in the backyard with family and friends.

Spice up the seasoning, serve with salad, add cheese or something more fiery – the best thing about hamburgers is that they are totally customisable and can be easily adapted to suit anyone’s personal taste.

Got your own brilliant burger recipe? Share it with us today and we’ll take a look. New hamburger recipes are being added and updated daily and we welcome exciting recipe contributions and top tips for producing the most mouth-watering burgers.

Mexican Spicy Burger

Many of us love a bit of fire in our food and if this is you then ditch the dull burger and spice things up by going Mexican for your barbecue or mealtimes. ...

Australian Outback Burger

'It's not just in the US that people like to go 'big'. Down under you'll find a whopping burger stacked with just about everything you can think of....

Greek Burger

This summer, why not combine the classic American hamburger with a refreshing Mediterranean spin Combined with a cool tzatziki sauce, this is the perfect barbecue treat for those long hot days. ...

German Burger

The German diet is full of hearty food and they love their meaty dishes. This is good news when we want to create a German-influenced hamburger! ...

Classic All-American

This is a burger guaranteed to give you a taste of home. Nobody does a hamburger quite like the USA so celebrate your awesomeness with a family feast of juicy beef goodness and tons of your favorite toppings. ...