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Finding yourself looking for new and exciting online food recipes? Then look no further than Food-Tales

With an ever-increasing menu of traditional and diverse dishes from around the world you’ll be spoilt for choice.

From upcoming hipster food recipes created in London to fusion cuisine in Asia you’ll have plenty of opportunity to dive in and be as experimental as your heart desires. (And your taste buds can handle of course!

Food-Tales have recipes dating back thousands of years, (in fact that’s what inspired us to create the site) we don’t just like food – we live it.

We’ll give you guidance, hints and tips that’ll help you source ingredients from your local market to the four corners of the world. From boning your beef to blanching a berry all the way up to plating your masterpiece and those final artistic touches you may so desire.

We have a food inspirations section that’ll engage you like no other food blog out there, with food recipes served thousands of years back to modern day favourites.

Whether you’re a meat eater, a vegetarian, a vegan or a pescetarian, there are online food recipes to cater for a wide range of choice.

If you have a food recipe that you think we’ll love please don’t be shy, we welcome our readers to become part of our food community, why not upload it now

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