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Soup Recipes

Whether you’re serving up a scrumptious starter or looking to concoct a hearty winter warmer, you’ll find soup recipes galore at Food-Tales. There is nothing more homely and comforting than a freshly prepared bowl of tasty soup, served with a crusty bread roll. If you’re looking for ingenious ways to serve a soup classic then you’ve come to the right place.

Meaty or meat-free, soup is nutritious and can be bursting with flavor. You’ll discover recipes and tastes from around the globe with endless combinations of fresh and seasonal ingredients. Soup can be made with any meat or vegetables, served hot or cold and is truly a versatile option for any dinner table and any palate.

Spice up a tomato soup, add some magic to your mulligatawny or get cheeky with some chicken and noodles, you’ll find useful hints and tips on this site for creating a super soulful soup.

Feel free to share your souper recipes with Food-Tales as we welcome all great ideas and love to pass on new culinary delights. Recipes are uploaded and added to all the time so make sure you check back regularly for exciting new twists on your favorite dishes.

Clam Chowder

Time for an American classic. There are several varieties of chowder soups containing clams and broth, the creamy New England type and the clearer, red-colored Manhattan style. ...

Miso Soup

Off to Japan for this classic soup, often served in sushi restaurants. Dashi is the most important aspect of this recipe and is a Japanese stock....

French Onion Soup

For a gourmet soup, just how the French love it, try this mouth-watering onion soup recipe. The preparation time is only 10 minutes and this recipe will serve 4-6 people....


Off to Spain now for a refreshingly different soup that it served chilled. A great Mediterranean summer dish packed with fresh vegetable goodness. For an authentic Spanish recipe, follow these instructions for a soup-er easy, quick recipe that serves 6-8 people....


This is an easy recipe for the classic Italian soup, Minestrone. It only takes an hour and will serve 6 people. ...