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Beef Recipes

One of the world’s most popular meats and incredibly versatile too. Go classy with a steak or casual with a hamburger, food for the soul in a family favorite stew or spicing things up with a Chinese or Mexican dish – the choices are endless. If you’re looking for some mouth-watering beef recipes then you’ll find them here at Food-Tales.

With so many different lean cuts of Beef available, your choice of recipe is huge. Factor in all the great things about Beef like the zinc, protein, iron and B vitamins and it’s a win-win situation.
Fantastic tasting food and it’s good for you!

Fresh and exciting recipes are uploaded every day from all over the world, so whatever your taste you’ll be sure to find inspiration for whipping up a culinary sensation in your kitchen!

Why not explore a beef recipe from a different country and experience a host of new flavors and cooking methods?

Got some delicious traditional family recipes you’d care to share? Send us your beef beauties today if you think they are tasty enough to be reviewed.

You’ll also find tons of hints and tips to ‘beef up’ your recipes in ways you might not yet have thought of.

Madras Beef Curry Recipe

Spice up mealtimes with this authentic Indian recipe that will tantalise your taste buds and leave you wanting more! Madras sauce is supposed to be quite hot containing lots of chilli. ...

Diced Beef Stir Fry Recipe

Bring a taste of the Orient home for dinner and stir up some excitement with a classic Asian stir fry. This dish offers a fusion of flavors and textures and a great opportunity to introduce new food and tastes into your diet. ...

Beef Wellington Recipe

Wow your family or friends with a sophisticated dish that actually doesn't require the amount of culinary experience you might expect. ...

Beef Enchiladas Recipe

Turn your meal times into a fiesta of fun for your taste buds with this easy-to-make recipe for classic Mexican enchiladas. This recipe takes 1 hour 15 minutes including preparation time and serves 8 hungry amigos!...

Beef Stew Recipe

For the ultimate winter warming classic, enjoyed by families the whole world over, take a look at the following recipe. It will easily serve a family of five and takes less than 30 minutes....