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Chicken Recipes

Where would we be without the humble chicken? This amazing bird gives us eggs and meat and asks for little in return. Chicken is consumed on every continent, in thousands of different ways but if you’re stuck in a recipe rut then Food-Tales will save the day. Here, you’ll find access to a whole world of chicken mania with dishes to make your stomach rumble!

You can pretty much put chicken in anything such is its popularity and versatility. Whether you want to breathe life into an old classic, jazz up the Sunday roast or find new ways to present a meat that can become a tired staple of the dinner table, then you’ve come to the right place.

If you have a chicken recipe that will get people’s feathers flying then share it with this site and spread the love. We are the chicken champions ‘ be it breast, leg, thigh or wing – we’ll tell you exactly what to do with it with useful hints and tips.

Bread it, batter it, put it in a bun – here you’ll discover fresh ideas and recipes from all corners of the globe which are updated daily offering you the ultimate collection. Remember to send in your best chicken recipes for cheerful chewing.

Chicken Chasseur Recipe

This is an easy dish to prepare but will certainly make a good impression when placed on the family table. Chasseur means hunter in French and traditionally, a chasseur sauce can be paired with any meat and consists of mushrooms, shallots and cognac. ...

Sunday Roast Chicken Recipe

For a traditional dish that will get the whole family rushing to the table, try this recipe for the ultimate roast chicken dinner, served with an apple and herb stuffing. ...

Jerk Chicken Recipe

If you're looking for an exciting explosion of taste in your mouth then you should try out this Jamaican classic. Paired up with rice and beans, this fiery feast smothered on your chicken will be sure to have your mouth doing a Caribbean calypso....

Chicken and Biscuits Recipe

To make the perfect, homely, southern classic of chicken and biscuits then follow the below advice to serve 6 hungry people:...

Thai Chicken Curry Recipe

The key to making a great Thai curry is blending the aromatic flavors at exactly the right time and cutting up your chicken into thin strips to speed up cooking time. ...